Innovating mindfulness-based yoga programs for emotional health, physical wellbeing and social connectedness

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State of Being is a registered health promotion organisation, based in Victoria. We support community health and wellbeing through the provision of skilful healing-centred yoga and movement programs. In partnership with public and community service providers, we deliver mental health-aware and evidence-based programs around the state.

Collaboration and community are at the heart of our organisation. Our co-designed Community Partnership Programs deliver high-quality tools and techniques for emotional health and wellbeing and are free for participants to attend. 

Our approach is shaped by a deep honour and respect for the resilience, strength and capacity of the Victorian community. We utilise trauma-informed and mental health aware frameworks, and our facilitators are skilled and trained to work with all people, wherever they are at in life. We are an LGBTIQ+ affirming and anti-racist organisation, with social justice and change firmly at the root of our work.



Collaborative & Community- Focused

Our Community Partnership Programs are long-term interventions that are co-designed with organisations and facilitated by highly skilled and trained trauma-informed practitioners. Programs that are designed specifically for people and groups who have experienced complex or relational trauma are facilitated by yoga teachers qualified in the empirically validated TCTSY method.

We currently have a focus on working with children, youth and adults from refugee backgrounds, through partnerships with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Prahran Hub and Save the Children. In addition to this work, we also deliver programs for women's groups, people seeking asylum, LGBTQI+ groups and people experiencing social isolation or mental health conditions. 

If you are interested in co-designing a Community Partnership Program for your client group or community, we would love to hear from you.



Prahran Youth Services

'State of Being have created an inclusive, honest and safe space in our community hub. The group facilitator adapts to the ever flowing energy in the space and guides our participants beautifully. State of Being provide an anchor of authenticity, promoting young people to become of aware of their emotional state before and after the session. This sense of sharing encourages our participants to be more open about how they're feeling, which transcends beyond the mat.' 



Turning interest into action

You can make either a one-off or a regular donation towards State of Being’s innovation of sustainable community and clinical yoga-based interventions in Victoria.

As a registered Health Promotion Charity, all donations are tax deductible.

We thank you for your support!



Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

"State of Being fills a gap in our current service capacity, as it provides an opportunity for clients to be 'at home' in their bodies and find a state of inner calm. Staff and volunteers who participate report that they find the yoga classes to be incredibly beneficial for reducing stress."


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We pay respect to the people of the Kulin Nation, on whose unceded land we live and work. As a collective of practitioners, we are committed to ongoing practices of decolonisation, solidarity and support of right relationship with this land, and the leadership of traditional owners. Through embodied practices of connection, deep listening and honouring, we learn to walk on country.