Our Mission:


We believe that mindfulness, self-care and yoga have the potential to be vehicles for self-empowerment and embodiment. We innovate high-quality and research-informed trauma-sensitive yoga programs. 


What we do

We specialise in the delivery of community-based and trauma-sensitive yoga and mindfulness programs. 

We work with individuals and organisations to create programs that are responsive to community needs. 

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Get Involved

From connecting as a partner organisation, to facilitating programs or contributing - there are many different ways that you can become involved with State of Being. If there is a different way that you would like to get involved, you are welcome to reach out to us via email. 



Apply to partner with State of Being to deliver a yoga, mindfulness or self-care program for clients and/or staff. We partner with community organisations, education providers, NGOs, and public health services.



Apply to facilitate community-based and/or trauma-sensitive yoga . We work with yoga teachers and mental health professionals who are trained in trauma interventions and somatic practices. 



Contribute to the ongoing delivery of State of Being programs by sponsoring a specific project or initiative.  Program sponsors enable us to continue the delivery of unfunded or underfunded projects.