Image of participants with their values bracelets from State of Being's 2017 Mindful Program

Image of participants with their values bracelets from State of Being's 2017 Mindful Program

About us

State of Being Foundation is deeply interested in how individuals and communities become empowered through a refined mind-body relationship. We believe that once learned, the tools of yoga, mindfulness and self-care can be life-changing. We acknowledge however, that access to these tools is generally restricted to those with the economic and social privileges to attend yoga and meditation classes, courses and retreats. 

Our vision is for a community animated by high-quality, inclusive and accessible yoga and mindfulness programs. 

Who we are

Our Program Facilitators are trained yoga and meditation teachers, with diverse specialisations including social work, education, recovery, and community development work. In addition to their personal skill sets, our facilitators have a minimum of two years yoga teaching experience and have undertaken specialised training in trauma-informed somatic therapies and/or yoga facilitation. 

What we do

We innovate programs, community partnership agreements and funding arrangements that both broaden access to yoga and meet specific community needs. We are dedicated to programming that is trauma-informed, culturally respectful, body positive and empowering. 

We have three key offerings - Community Programs, Community Classes, and Community Events. 

Community Programs

State of Being Community Programs are long-term (8 week minimum) and designed in direct partnership with local organisations, education providers, yoga studios and health providers.  Our Community Programs utilise strengths-based, somatic, trauma-informed and inclusive approaches and can be designed for client or staff groups.

Each Community Program has a unique arrangement in terms of funding, location and services. Example programs include: 

  • Cohealth 'Yoga for Stress Reduction Course' -  recurring 10 week program for clients focusing on gentle movement, invitational breath-work and guided mindfulness practices.
  • Brotherhood of St Laurence 'Mindful' Program - an 8 week program for young people integrating trauma-informed yoga practices, mindfulness practices, creative arts activities and group discussion. 
  • The Equality Institute 'Staff Self-Care Program' - ongoing weekly program focusing on self-care, slow movement and meditation practices. 

Public Community Classes

State of Being Community Classes are low-cost, inclusive and welcoming of all. Community Classes are facilitated by trained yoga teachers and are held in accessible spaces. Participants are invited to donate a gold coin to contribute towards space hire. All Community Classes are designed utilising our trauma-informed, culturally respectful and body positive framework. Details of our Public Community Classes for 2018 will be listed shortly under the 'Events' tab. 

Community Events

State of Being Community Events are designed to activate and connect our community via yoga, mindfulness and self-care practices. Community Events may take the form of fundraisers, free presentations and events and/or workshops. Details of our Community Events are listed under the 'Events' tab. 

Got an idea for a program, or want to participate in our offerings? Contact us to connect!