Program facilitators

We work with yoga teachers and mental health clinicians who are trained in trauma interventions and somatic practices. As an organisation, we manage the relationship with our program partners, and provide peer mentoring support and training for our facilitators. When you become a State of Being Facilitator, you join a team of dedicated and likeminded people who are committed to high-quality community programming.

As we work in settings where trauma and mental health awareness are required, we only recruit facilitators who have completed specialised training and are skilled in these areas. If you have not completed specific training, we recommend the Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) 20hour workshop as a beginning step. We are also a project partner with Yoga for HumanKIND, and recommend their 60hr trauma-informed and community based training for those interested in cross-cultural and community-based work.

If you have already completed trauma-informed somatic/yoga training and are interested in becoming a State of Being Facilitator, you are welcome to fill out the application form below.

assistant facilitators

Assistant Facilitators provide direct support for Program Facilitators. They assist with the organisation and facilitation of courses, and with related initiatives, such as fundraising and events.

Assistant Facilitators fill a vital volunteer role in our programs, and we are so grateful for their presence and support. If are interested in applying to be an Assistant Facilitator on a State of Being Program, please email a resume and cover letter expressing your interest to 

We are currently fully staffed, however you are welcome to express your interest via the form below for Facilitators or via email for Assistant Facilitators, as new program opportunities frequently arise.

Program facilitator application form

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