Our mission

Our mission is to broaden access to mindfulness and yoga-based services by bringing high-quality and trauma-sensitive programs to spaces and communities that tend to have the least access to holistic wellbeing services. We work with people and communities who experience the impacts of mental health conditions, social isolation, trauma, addiction, incarceration, marginalisation, violence and/or poverty.

Our programs are long-term, community-integrated offerings that provide opportunities for people to build embodied mindfulness strategies that assist in mediating the stressors and challenges of everyday life. Central to our work is the recognition that every person has the right to experience health, connection and peacefulness.

Whilst we are registered as a health promotion charity, we emphasise a solidarity over charity approach. This means that we challenge the notion of ‘charity’ and the positioning of people and groups within our community as lacking or less capable than others. Rather than operating with a ‘deficit’ or ‘disadvantaged’ view of people and communities, we view everyone we work with as already capable and whole. Our job is not to fix people or to fix communities, but to work collaboratively to create high-quality, meaningful and needs-responsive programming.