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Jo Buick

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Jo is deeply interested in the potential for yoga and mindfulness to support resilience, growth and healing. She has experience designing and facilitating yoga and other educational programs for people from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds, children and young people, mental health groups, survivors of trauma and family violence, and staff experiencing burnout. She holds Masters degrees in both Education and Teaching and is specialised in the delivery of trauma-informed yoga facilitation as a TCTSY-F. Founding State of Being unified her passions for holistic wellbeing, social change and community-led projects, and she is thrilled to work with such a phenomenal team.


Alice hobday

Co-Founder & Lead Advisor

Alice is a qualified yoga teacher, trained counsellor and registered Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) Facilitator. She believes that the power of the bodymind is truly underestimated and undervalued. Alice has studied around the world, covering a wide range of modalities such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Reiki and sound healing. She has also completed studies in counselling and continues her exploration of mental health and vitality, specifically in the field of eating disorders. Alice is particularly interested in the role of mindfulness practices in recovery from mental ill health.


priya namana

Advisory Committee Member

Priya is an artist currently living and working in Melbourne. Priya’s project interests are informed by and situated within personal and contemporary socio-political frameworks with an interest in engaging with communities directly. Having grown up with yoga, yogic practice and philosophy informs all aspects of Priya’s personal and professional life. Priya is particularly interested in the intersectional value of this Vedic practice and how it’s translates cross culturally, engages with different communities and the various states of mindfulness it can facilitate within individuals.


Anaya Latter

Advisory Committee Member

Anaya Latter is a marketing and communications professional with over 10 years experience across community sector, not-for-profits, local government and the arts. She first tried yoga at the tender age of 14 and since then has continually been struck by its benefits, strengths and transformative powers. State of Being's mission to decentralise and dismantle the barriers to yoga, and the capacity to hold safe spaces for people in need of stillness, empowerment and support is one that resonates deeply.


Sashi Weerasinghe

Advisory Committee Member

Sashi is a social worker who works with young people who have experienced trauma. She is interested in many different approaches to therapeutic work, and loves storytelling, building community and practising yoga. When she’s not in her professional occupation, Sashi can be found curled up with a book, walking wherever she can smell gum leaves, or eating with friends around a communal table. She is passionate about being involved in State of Being because she believes that the benefits of yoga should be accessible to everyone.


laura harris

Community Programs Manager

Laura’s work background is broad and varied, starting out in corporate business and in the past 5 years moving across into social and non-profit sectors with a specific focus in international women’s development & empowerment, yoga and movement. Her work and experiences have ignited a passion to work with grassroots organisations and communities, believing everyone has the right to embodiment and belonging. Laura sees that yoga and movement can be a powerful invitation for participants to cultivate an innate sense of curiosity, connection and wholeness into their bodies. Laura is a proud member of the State of Being team.


isabelle stoner

Studio Partnerships Coordinator

A senior yoga teacher and practicing artist, Isabelle has many years of experience and training across various modalities, including trauma-informed practices, wellness modalities, philosophy, touch and meditation. Isabelle’s experiences of working with diverse student groups has given her an invaluable understanding of how unique each individual’s self-care practice can be in any moment. As a passionate advocate for inclusivity and accessibility in communities, Isabelle is a spirited advocate for State of Being’s work. Isabelle is not only our Studio Partnerships Coordinator., but also our ASRC Program Facilitator.


Beata Heymann

Program Facilitator

Beata has worked in the community and non-for profit sector in Melbourne for 10 years as a social-worker in early-intervention with at-risk youth. This work has given her an insight into the challenges experienced by communities affected by trauma, mental health issues and cultural displacement. Beata has seen that there is a need for embodied healing practices in these communities and is passionate about the work State of Being are doing to make trauma-informed yoga, mindfulness and self-care programs accessible to all communities. Beata facilitates our Atherton Gardens Yoga Project, continuing her long history with the community.


phil kayumba

Program Facilitator

Phil found yoga at the tender age of 17 whilst living in India as the child of an embassy employee. Moving to Australia for his tertiary education and later settling as a refugee due to political changes in his mother country of Rwanda, he continued to practice and soon felt a true calling for a journey into yoga, completing his 350 hour Advanced Training with the Australian Yoga Academy. Phil’s passion for community building, service and trauma informed approaches bring him to work with State of Being. His motto for living and teaching is: “Everyone, come as you are”.


celeste kinkead-weekes

Program Facilitator

Celeste began her career 10 years ago as a youth worker before beginning her social work career, initially working within the homelessness and youth sectors. Whether she has been working with a not-for-profit or government organisation, the majority of Celeste's career has been focused on working with victim/survivors and perpetrators of family violence within the criminal justice system. Celeste looks to couple her experience as a social worker and as a yoga teacher by providing a space for an individual to have the opportunity and choice to connect to their body mindfully and freely. She is super stoked to be apart of State of Being.


erika newberry

Program Facilitator

Erika began her yoga journey when she returned from a trip to India back in 1998. After years of practice it was when she was living in Brighton, England that she became inspired to become a teacher herself. She then returned to Australia and went on to complete her initial teacher training in 2011. Erika is a registered level 2 member with Yoga Australia, she is also a registered yoga therapist with the Australasian Association of Yoga Therapy and is certified through the International Association of Yoga Therapy. Erika has also recently completed her 300 hour certification studies with the Trauma Center to teach Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY).