our work

We understand that every organisation and client group is unique, and that programs need to be responsive to specific community needs.  As such, State of Being provides four distinct types of programming: 

  • Clinical

  • Community

  • Youth

  • Staff Self-Care

All of our Programs are designed in direct partnership with local organisations, education providers, NGOs, and public health services. Each program is piloted with a skilled State of Being Facilitator and a participant group to assess interest and needs. The pilot program is evaluated, and if successful, developed into an ongoing project. 

We recognise that creating a safe(r) space for yoga and mindfulness programs is vital to their success. Where appropriate, we broker partnerships with local yoga studios who value an increase in the accessibility of wellbeing programs in their community. Our Partner Studios provide access to their spaces pro bono, and participate in fundraising efforts that contribute to the sustainability of State of Being programs. 

past and current program partners