our work

We take a trauma-informed approach to our work. This means that our facilitators are especially sensitive to the ongoing impacts of stress, anxiety, trauma and grief that many people experience in their daily lives. It also means that we honour and respect the resilience, strength and capacity of those who participate in and bring value to our programs.

Whilst State of Being is registered as a health promotion charity, we emphasise a solidarity over charity approach to our work. We recognise that it is not our job to fix people, but to work collaboratively with communities to create high-quality, meaningful and needs-responsive programming.  For us, this is a joyful way to work and we are never happier than when working in direct and dynamic collaboration with community members and our partner organisations.

Our community and clinical programs provide regular and supported opportunities for people to move their bodies, to feel into their breath, and to practice mindfulness strategies that assist in mediating the stressors and challenges of life.

You can read more about some of our current programs below.

current community programs


Atherton Gardens Yoga Project

We facilitate two weekly programs with the Atherton Gardens Community - one for children aged 5 - 10 years and the other for young girls aged 10 - 14 years. This program integrates mindful movement, self-regulation activities, teamwork and partner work exercises. In 2019, this program is supported via funding from City of Yarra and the Lululemon Here to Be Program, and spare hire through Save the Children.

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Yoga Project

The ASRC Yoga Project is an ongoing program that is made possible via the generous pro-bono use of Westside Yoga in Seddon. This weekly program provides an opportunity for clients and staff of the ASRC to participate in a gentle movement practice, followed by restorative and rest shapes.


Chill Tuesdays @ Prahran Hub

This weekly program is a new offering for State of Being. Delivered at the Prahran Hub, the program welcomes all children aged 5-12 who live on the Horace Petty Estate. This particular project is operated in partnership with Stonnington Youth Services, and integrates mindful movement with calming breath-work and some healthy snacks.


Cohealth Yoga for Stress Relief Program

This long-term weekly program integrates gentle movement, breath-work and mindfulness strategies for easing stress. Participants are welcome to practice with the support of chairs and props. Class finishes with a cup of herbal tea and a group chat.


Frontyard x State of Being

This weekly program provides yoga and mindfulness-based exercises for any young people who are engaging with services offered by Frontyard in the CBD. This is a new offering and is designed and delivered in partnership with the Melbourne City Mission Frontyard team.

thank you to our past and current program supporters!